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Charity and Cigars: Cayman Cigar Company’s Charity-Rich History of Giving

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A collaborative bond between cigars and charitable giving has always existed, yet nowhere is the giving spirit stronger than with Cayman Cigar Company’s unique charitable mission. The history of Cayman Cigar Company is built on charitable action, and yet, it doesn’t happen without you. So, let’s explore how you are helping Cayman Cigar Company and our charitable partners make a difference with every Cayman cigar you smoke.

Why is Cayman Cigar Company Involved in Charity Partnerships?

Cayman Cigar Company’s co-founders, Granger Haugh and John Lemuel “Lem” Hurlston share a passion for business and philanthropy, which evolved into the company’s  “for-profit/non-profit” business model. This concept provides a socially responsible way to help others through innovation and entrepreneurship. Haugh and Hurlston dubbed this model “Philanthro-Capitalism” and put it into practice with the mission of Cayman Cigars: Make really great cigars and donate all profits to charity.

We are proud that Cayman Cigar Company is the world’s only premium cigar company to give 100% of net profits to charitable organizations. Our premium cigars are a springboard to serve our communities better in the Cayman Islands and abroad. So, our goal is only by forming lasting charitable partnerships.  

Some examples of our charitable partnerships:

Cayman Cigars’ charitable partnerships span a vast arena of charitable causes. For example, we work with partners focused on improving agricultural techniques and creating business opportunities for marginalized peoples, helping those in addiction recovery gain self-sufficiency, assisting those struggling with developmental disorders, and providing specialized services for US Veterans. 

Another example is our partnership with the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, New York. Dedicated to preserving aircraft from the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam war eras, the museum actively restores and showcases aircraft through community outreach programs, cementing each aircraft’s legacy for future generations to cherish.

The Knights Templar – The Raymond Davis Templar Foundation and the Knights Antiquity Historical Society (KAHS) are also Cayman Cigars’ charitable partners. The Raymond Davis Templar Foundation supports at-risk communities in the Holy Land by funding vocational training, scholarships, grants, healthcare, and other assistance for people of all faiths. The KAHS supports archaeological excavation and preservation of significant sites, creating a cooperative environment that bridges religious and ethnic divides.

Another of Cayman Cigars’ cigar charity partnerships is Smoking Shields. With chapters in Maryland, Florida, and across the US, the non-profit organization was created for cigar-loving law enforcement professionals wanting to lend support to law enforcement and military families in need. These and other Cayman Cigars charitable collaborations are building a better life for those in need of a helping hand.

How Cayman Premium Cigars Help Those In Need

You are not only treating yourself to one of the best smokes in the world when smoking a Cayman cigar but also providing hope to those in need of a hand up, not a handout. Following through on our founders’ mission, all net profits from the sale of Cayman Cigars go to charity. However, it goes much deeper than that. Through our non-profit partners, such as Beacon Farms, we can provide members of our community with the tools, hope, and sense of belonging to set them on a path to success.

How Can I Get Involved in Cayman Cigars Charity Partnerships?

You involve with Cayman Cigars’ charitable activities in several ways. The most direct way is by the purchase of Cayman Cigars’ products, as 100% of net proceeds go directly to Cayman Cigars’ charitable partners. The more cigars you purchase means more assistance for those who need it most. 

You also have the option to make an additional donation to charity when you order from the Cayman Cigar Company online. Select one of our charitable partners and enter the corresponding code during check-out. In addition, you can follow convenient links directly to the charitable organizations for more information and other ways you can help.

Joining Cayman Cigar Company’s mailing list is a great way to stay updated with the latest about Cayman Cigars and our charitable partnerships. You get only necessary news and information, no ads or junk mail. Ultimately, sharing the Cayman Cigars story and encouraging others to support Cayman Cigars’ mission is a win for everyone.

Making a Difference With Cayman Cigars

Creating the world’s finest recognizable premium cigars and donating net profits to charity is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Yet rest assured every Cayman cigar you smoke directly supports a Cayman Cigars charity and our mission to build a more hopeful world for those in need. So, visit Cayman Cigar Company online and help make a difference today.


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