Beacon Cigar: The First Cigar to Use Tobacco Grown in the Cayman Islands


The Beacon is coming! The Cayman Cigar Company creation is the first premium cigar to feature whole-leaf tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands. Utilizing Cayman tobacco in each cigar furthers our mission to create the world’s best cigar-smoking experiences. This is while offering a distinctive Caymanian character found nowhere else. So, join us now as […]

The Best Cigars: What Inspired Us When Creating Cayman Cigars

Best cigars

Find the best cigars for your dollar right here on our site! Charity and charitable giving have been well-documented throughout history. The concept of helping others is deeply ingrained within the human spirit. From donating to a favorite animal shelter to volunteering at a local food bank. People from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances understand […]