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Cayman Cigars Caravel Giveaway

We are excited to announce our latest Cayman Cigars giveaway, featuring the Caravel Cigar, a result of our exclusive collaboration with Tabacalera la Isla in the Dominican Republic. This partnership blends traditions and expertise to produce a cigar that is as rich in flavor as it is in heritage. How to Enter Simply fill out […]

Cigars Near Me: Where Can You Find Cayman Cigars?

Cigars Near Me_ Where Can You Find Cayman Cigars_

The sun shines, and your mind turns to cool, sapphire blue waters and tropical breezes. Now, you’re thinking, “I wish I could soak up the island vibe and enjoy sumptuous Cayman Cigars near me.” Great news: You can! Our Bodden Town cigar shop, web store, and an ever-growing lineup of partner retailers make it easy […]

From Seed to Cigar–Two Months Since Planting 

We’re back with the next Cayman Cigars Seed To Cigar update. The tobacco plants have been doing what they do best for the last couple months–growing strong and flavorful in the warm Caribbean sunshine and gentle tradewinds. Mother Nature has worked her magic, and both our Criollo 98 and Connecticut Broadleaf are ready to be […]

Best Cayman Cigars for Different Palates

Best Cayman Cigars for Different Palates

Finding the best Cayman cigar to suit your palate, whether size, flavor, body, strength, mood, or occasion, can be challenging. Luckily, Cayman Cigars cultivates a range of luxurious modern classics that ensure you always have a great smoke no matter the situation. Our ever-growing portfolio of premium cigars delivers on our promise to create world-class […]

Do You Inhale Cigars?

do you inhale cigars

Do you inhale cigars? Understanding this key aspect of cigar smoking isn’t just about puffing away like a pro – it’s about dodging the nasty side effects of inhaling that tobacco smoke. We’re talking about enjoying your cigars without feeling like the ashtray, later. And we’re not just stopping there. We’ll dive into how this […]

The Timeless Tradition: Exploring the Role of Tradition in Cigar Making

(Blog) The Role of Tradition in Cigar Making

In the world of premium cigars, tradition is not just a concept; it’s a way of life. From the fertile fields where tobacco plants sway in the breeze to the skilled hands of master blenders who meticulously craft each cigar, tradition permeates every aspect of the cigar-making process. In this article, we look into the […]

From Seed to Cigar–One Month Since Planting

We’re back with our next Cayman Cigars Seed To Cigar update! The growth of our Connecticut Broadleaf and Criollo 98 tobacco plants is incredible! Thanks to great soil, just the right amount of natural rainfall, and abundant Caribbean sunshine, our plants are strong and healthy, as you’ll see in these short videos. Tobacco plant root […]

Zeal Cigars Review of The Mariner Cigar

At Cayman Cigars, we’re thrilled to share the rave reviews pouring in for The Mariner, a true testament to our dedication to crafting exceptional cigars. Recently, Bradley and Justin from Zeal Cigars had the pleasure of experiencing The Mariner firsthand, and their feedback has filled us with gratitude. Their review captures the essence of what […]

The Story Begins: OG Beacon III


When Beacon Farms was created it looked like this: After Beacon’s Rock Grinder completed its grinding, it looked like this:  After adding Beacon-produced compost and mixing, it was almost ready for planting.The Beacon Rock Grinder grinds rock and mixes with soil to a  depth of 14 inches. Compost from Beacon’s compost manufacturing facility is then […]

From Seed to Cigar

From Seed to Cigar

Embarking on a unique journey that intertwines philanthropy and the artistry of cigar manufacturing. This is the story of Beacon Farms unfolds from soil to seed to cigar. Founded in 2017, Beacon Farms as a non-profit initiative was conceived by the Haugh Family to provide a vital “second step” in the recovery process for Caymanians […]


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