How To Draw A Cigar – Get The Perfect Cigar Draw At First Light

The Perfect Draw_ The Perfect Draw_ How We Make Sure Every Cigar Draws Right at First Light

Have you ever lit a cigar and found yourself straining to pull the smoke through? Few things are more of a nuisance than lighting a cigar rolled so tight. It’s impossible to get a good draw. Or even worse, toss it out and buy a new one. Cayman Cigar Company was founded by cigar lovers, […]

How Bovedas Provide The Best Cigar Humidification For Your Cigars

How Bovedas Provide The Best Cigar Humidification For Your Cigars

When it comes to storing cigars, humidity control is of the utmost importance. There is nothing quite as disappointing as lighting your highly-anticipated cigar only to find it has become too dry, or too moist. There are plenty of humidity control products circulating the market, but many fail to dependably regulate humidity both ways. For […]

Meet The Cayman Cigar Company Team

meet the team blog

Cayman Cigar Company provides cigar lovers with the finest premium cigars in the world. With that, it takes a committed team with an undying, collaborative spirit to make it happen. So, meet the team that creates your favorite Cayman cigars. Learn how, with your help, we are fulfilling the Cayman Cigar Company’s mission to help […]

What’s in the Sovereign No. 1 Collection Cigar Blends?

What’s in the Sovereign No. 1 Collection Cigar Blends_

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of cigars or an experienced connoisseur, chances are high that you’ve heard of Cayman Cigar Company’s Sovereign No. 1 Collection blends. These wildly popular cigar blends offer a wide array of bold and complex options that cater to all types of cigar smokers. If you’re curious about what […]

Can Tobacco Grow in the Cayman Islands? 

Cayman Islands tobacco growing

The short answer is yes! When Columbus landed in Cuba in 1493, the locals had been enjoying tobacco for centuries. Introduced to tobacco by the local population, Columbus took tobacco seedlings back to Spain where the first cigars were created out of whole-leaf tobacco in the late 1600s. It would take another few centuries for […]

Explore the Cayman Islands with Cayman Cigar Company

Explore the Cayman Islands with Cayman Cigar Company blog

wonders, and a deep sense of community. Stitching it all together is a Caymanian pride in overcoming the challenges of today to make a better tomorrow. This is the essence of the Cayman Cigar Company. So, explore the Cayman Islands with us. Let us uncover the many treasures that inspire us to make Cayman Cigars […]

What Are Boutique Cigars? | A Quick Guide from Cayman Cigar Company

What is a Boutique Cigar blog

Not entirely sure what makes a boutique cigar boutique? You aren’t the only one.  There are plenty of common misconceptions and misunderstandings around the difference between your average premium cigar and a boutique collection. This article will help improve your understanding of these differences. We’ll go over the concept of a boutique cigar. Learn what […]

Charity and Cigars: Cayman Cigar Company’s Charity-Rich History of Giving

cayman cigars charity

A collaborative bond between cigars and charitable giving has always existed, yet nowhere is the giving spirit stronger than with Cayman Cigar Company’s unique charitable mission. The history of Cayman Cigar Company is built on charitable action, and yet, it doesn’t happen without you. So, let’s explore how you are helping Cayman Cigar Company and […]

Cigars and Drinks: What Pairs Well With Premium Cigars?

What Pairs Well With Premium Cigars

What pairs well with premium cigars? If you are an aficionado of the finer things in life, this question is sure to have popped up at some time or the other. And why shouldn’t it? After all, premium cigars, wines, and spirits have a lot in common- they’re all about savoring that flavor, aroma, and […]

How To Recognize Premium Cigars 

So, you’ve entered the world of cigar smoking. Where do you start? How are you going to find the best premium cigar? Cayman Cigars has plenty of experience working with some of the most talented cigar rollers around, and we’ve prepared a short guide to help you find the good stuff. In this article, we’ll […]