Beacon Cigar: The First Cigar to Use Tobacco Grown in the Cayman Islands


The Beacon is coming! The Cayman Cigar Company creation is the first premium cigar to feature whole-leaf tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands. Utilizing Cayman tobacco in each cigar furthers our mission to create the world’s best cigar-smoking experiences. This is while offering a distinctive Caymanian character found nowhere else. So, join us now as […]

The Best Cigars: What Inspired Us When Creating Cayman Cigars

Best cigars

Find the best cigars for your dollar right here on our site! Charity and charitable giving have been well-documented throughout history. The concept of helping others is deeply ingrained within the human spirit. From donating to a favorite animal shelter to volunteering at a local food bank. People from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances understand […]

Cayman Cigars Giveaway

Want to win free cigars? Then enter our giveaway! First place will win our VIP Leather Cigar Case stocked with an assortment of our premium cigars. Second place will win our 5-Box Cayman Collection Assortment, which includes a Robusto size of our Sovereign No. 1, Sovereign No. 2, Sovereign No. 3, Diplomat, and Monarch cigars. a Rafflecopter […]

From Seed to Smoke: The Journey of Cayman Cigars

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Cayman Cigar Company’s premium hand-rolled selections are highly regarded, rivaling even the most famous Cuban brands. The journey from seed to smoke is a major component of what makes each Cayman cigar an unforgettable experience. So, join us now to discover more about this journey and other secrets behind these endlessly rewarding treasures and how […]

Can You Buy Cuban Cigars in the Cayman Islands?

cuban cigars

Cuban cigars have long reigned as some of the world’s most sought-after cigars. This is due in part to their classic flavor profiles and the mystique of the island. However, recent years have brought intense challenges for Cuba’s cigar industry that restrict supply, raise prices, and increase counterfeiting.  What are Cuban Cigars? Cigars had already […]