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How To Draw A Cigar – Get The Perfect Cigar Draw At First Light

The Perfect Draw_ The Perfect Draw_ How We Make Sure Every Cigar Draws Right at First Light

Have you ever lit a cigar and found yourself straining to pull the smoke through? Few things are more of a nuisance than lighting a cigar rolled so tight. It’s impossible to get a good draw. Or even worse, toss it out and buy a new one.

Cayman Cigar Company was founded by cigar lovers, for cigar lovers. That means we have smoking premium cigars down to a science. There is a lot that goes into a good cigar experience, and it all culminates in getting that perfect draw. 

This article will detail what makes a good draw. Also how to get one, the cigar characteristics that determine this, and much more! Stick around for the full article for great tips, techniques, and tools. This will make sure you get the perfect cigar draw at the first light. 

What is a Perfect Draw on a Cigar?

A perfect draw from a cigar is one that gives only the tiniest hint of resistance, so you can pull from it without straining. This keeps you relaxed and brings out the best of your cigar’s flavor. 

But first, before you light up, you should take a dry draw for good measure. If this term is new to you, a dry draw means making your preferred cut in the tip of the cigar and sucking air through it to test the airflow. Not only that, but this “cold taste” will give you an idea of the flavor you’re about to enjoy.

A successful dry draw is a precursor to the perfect draw on a lighted cigar. This will give you a telltale sign about whether you’re primed for a good first draw. While you may need to take a few small puffs when first lighting the cigar, the perfect draw should quickly become apparent when you begin to actually smoke the cigar as normal.

How to Have Perfect Cigar Draws

Cigar quality is vital to the perfect draw. The quality of a cigar consists of multiple factors from the craftsmanship of the roll itself to the tobacco contained inside. Getting that perfect cigar draw requires premium cigars with great tobacco rolled by master artisans. 

The tobacco should be packed evenly, without leaves or stems in the middle. Storing it in a place with the right relative humidity will make a huge difference as well, keeping the tobacco from becoming overly moist or underwhelmingly dry. 

While the tobacco must be of good quality and be stored in the right conditions, it must be crafted correctly to make any of this possible. Any high-quality cigar has undoubtedly been hand-rolled by a skilled cigar expert. Many of the highest-quality cigars out there today are sourced from the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t find an incredible cigar in other areas.

Every high-quality cigar should be wrapped with long-filler tobacco. That means the leaves inside stretch from end to end, making it burn in the most efficient manner. Premium cigars should also have a binder and wrapper. If your cigar is missing these, start looking elsewhere.

The Tools & Techniques of the Perfect Draw Of Cigar Smoke

One of the most straightforward products that you can buy to help you get the perfect draw from your cigar is a humidor and humidity control packet. Packets like a Boveda are essentially set-it-and-forget-it, keeping the tobacco and rolled leaves at the ideal relative humidity for a balanced burn.

A cigar piercer is also invaluable for getting a good draw. These are thin tools that you use to poke into the cigar and loosen up the tobacco if it is packed too tightly. You can certainly buy the specific tool, but we’ve found that in a pinch, even a lengthy paperclip works just fine.

Regardless of the tools in your arsenal, getting the perfect light is key to good cigar draws throughout the whole smoke. Here’s a quick guide to lighting your cigar perfectly:

  1. Hold the cigar above the flame, while keeping it from touching. 
  2. Rotate, rotate, rotate. Be patient and allow the cigar to burn slowly, taking care to light it evenly around the entire perimeter. When you start to see that glowing red ring just inside the edges, you’re home free.
  3. Take a puff of the cigar and see how you’ve done! If it doesn’t draw air well, or the burn is becoming uneven, continue slowly lighting the edges until it’s satisfactory.

When smoking the cigar, draw the smoke in steadily, allowing the tobacco oils in the leaves to heat up and create the flavor profile for your cigar experience. Remember, cigars are meant to be savored like a fine spirit or wine, so pull the smoke into your mouth but not your lungs. Then exhale and savor the flavor!

Cayman Cigar Company Builds Premium Cigars

Cayman cigars are crafted from a range of premium whole-leaf tobaccos from in and around the Caribbean. The family farms and growers in these communities make it all possible, and we share their passion for quality. This connection—as well as the consumers that give us business—fostered a relationship that Cayman Cigars values above all else.

The Cayman Cigar Company was created with two purposes in mind: Embracing the art of handcrafting premium cigars, and giving back to the community.

Cayman Cigar Company is more than just a business. Apart from selling world-class artisanal cigars, it also functions as a non-profit. Our business plan is simple: make world-class premium cigars and donate 100% of all net profits to charity. Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world to donate 100% of net profits to charity.

Visit our online store to browse a wide range of high-quality premium cigars today!


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