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Your Essential Guide On How To Read Cigar Sizes

Types of Cigars_ A Size Guide

As a cigar smoker, there are many aspects that affect your smoking experience. Aside from the shape, shade, and origin of your preferred smoke, you’ll want to pay attention to its size. 

The length and thickness of your cigar won’t change its overall flavor but it can influence how much flavor you get in a puff and its intensity. 

What are the different cigar sizes and how do they impact your experience? We’ll answer this and more in this article.

How Are Cigars Measured?

There are two fundamental dimensions that are measured in cigars: the length which is measured in inches and the cigar’s diameter or ring gauge which is measured by dividing an inch into 64 equal parts. 

The strong yet refined Robusto, for example, typically measures between 4.75 to 5.5 inches with a ring size of 48 to 52. Ring size means this cigar has a diameter of 48 to 52/64ths.

Most cigars are 4.5 to 7.5 inches long while ring gauges go from 34 to 80. 

How Cigar Sizes Can Impact Your Smoking Experience

As you might have guessed, the thinner your cigar, the faster it will burn. Thicker cigars, on the other hand, offer bigger draws that produce more smoke. They also offer more concentrated flavors. 

However, you must remember that size shouldn’t be the sole indicator of good smoke. The different types of cigars also influence flavor and strength so the wrapper and the type of tobacco used are additional factors worth considering.

When it comes to cigars, there are cigar categories that indicate their shape and size (dimensions), otherwise known as the vitola (a Spanish word that literally translates as “shape”). 

What Are The Different Cigar Sizes and Shapes

Cigars are classified into two main categories: Parejos and figurados. Parejos are straight-sided, cylindrical cigars that have a consistent diameter from one end to the other. They have a closed head and an open foot, and their shape is easy to recognize since they look like a traditional cigar. 

Figurados, on the other hand, have irregular shapes, and their diameter varies along the length of the cigar. They can have tapered or pointed ends, and their shape is more complex than Parejos. These are more difficult to roll and are considered specialty cigars. 

Here are several popular cigar types and sizes which we’ve classified as Parejos and Figurados for you:

Types of Cigars: Parejos (Cigars With Straight, Even Sides)

1. Corona

Length: 5.5 – 6 inches

Ring gauge: 42 – 44

Coronas are classic medium-sized cigars known for their strength and flavor. Most cigar manufacturers use the Corona as a basis for their blends. (You’ll also find a few variations of the Corona on this list.) Part of Corona’s popularity is due to its ideal ratio between the filler, wrapper, and binder.

2. Petite Corona

Length: 4.5 inches

Ring gauge: 40 – 42

The name says it all: Petite Coronas are smaller versions of the original Corona. Despite their modest size, they can still pack a lot of flavors.

3. Churchill

Length: 7 inches

Ring gauge: 47

If you can go smaller, you can certainly go bigger, and Churchill is proof of that. Traditionally handcrafted as artisanal cigars and named after Winston Churchill, these 7-inch cigars will give you a longer-lasting smoke.

4. Robusto

Length: 4.75 inches to 5.5 inches

Ring gauge: 48 – 52

The Robusto is one of the most widely smoked cigars in the United States and a crowd favorite. In Spanish, Robusto means “strong” and this product certainly lives up to its reputation. Robustos are stronger and more flavorful, offering great value with every puff.

5. Coronado Gorda

Length: 5.63 – 6 inches

Ring gauge: 46 – 50 

The Coronado Gorda is a premium stick that’s gaining popularity for its complex and rich flavors. This medium-bodied cigar typically features Dominican fillers and a reddish wrapper from Nicaragua.

6. Double Corona

Length: 7.5 – 8.5 inches

Ring gauge: 49 – 52 

With a maximum length of 8.5 inches and a relatively thick ring gauge, you can already tell that these cigars are huge and deliver flavorful puffs for longer periods. If you’re looking for a long and rich smoke, try the Double Corona. Note, however, that they’re not as easy to find.

7. Panetela

Length: 5 – 7.5 inches

Ring gauge: 23 – 38 

Long and slender, the popularity of this size has declined in recent times. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful size. Cigars in this category that are longer than 7 inches are often referred to as “Gran Panetelas.” 

The Lancero is a sought-after subgroup of Panetelas among connoisseurs.

8. Lonsdale

Length: 6.5 inches

Ring gauge: 42

This cigar shape is favored by discerning smokers who value a good whiff of flavor, a smooth draw, and a long burn time. Lonsdale’s slim but long body guarantees a beautiful balance between these three factors.

9. Grande

Length: 4.75 inches or longer

Ring gauge: 60 – 80

Compared to all the cigar types on this list, Grandes have the thickest shapes. Offering less subtlety and more intensity, their generous silhouettes have made their way into the catalogs of practically every prominent premium cigar company outside of Cuba. 

After covering 9 types of Parejos cigars, let’s identify some tapered examples of Figurados.

Types of Cigars: Figurados (Cigars With Irregular Shapes and/or Tapered Ends)

1. Pyramids

Length: 6 – 7 inches 

Ring gauge: 40 at the head and 52 – 54 at the foot

Pyramid shaped cigars (also known as Piramides) are named for their distinctively shaped head. The cigar has a slight taper from foot to head, with a unique pyramidal shape that many aficionados say provides a richer, more flavorful smoking experience.

2. Belicosos

Length: 5 – 5.5 inches 

Ring gauge: 50

Belicosos are shorter versions of Pyramids and have slightly blunt tips. Many of today’s Belicoso cigars are Coronas and Corona Gordas with tapered heads. You’ll also find mini-Belicosos or shorter cigars with narrow ring gauges and the same tapered heads.

3. Torpedoes

Length: 6 – 7 inches 

Ring gauge: 52 – 54

Torpedoes are similar to pyramid cigars and don’t have many distinguishing characteristics. Most vendors use it to refer to a cigar with a sharper end than the pyramid. Due to their similarities, the two terms are mostly interchangeable.

4. Perfectos

Length: 4.5 – 9 inches 

Ring gauge: 38 – 48

As you can see, Perfecto cigars vary greatly in size. Its distinguishing characteristic is its mid-section that juts out from its rounded head and closed foot.

5. Culebra

Length: 5 – 6 inches 

Ring gauge: 38 

Among all the cigar shapes, the Culebra is unmistakable. It is essentially three cigars that are braided together and sold as a single unit. When it’s time to smoke a Culebra, the ribbon is untied and each cigar is smoked on its own. You won’t find a lot of Culebras in cigar shops today.

6. Diadema 

Length: 8.5 inches 

Ring gauge: 60

Think of the Diadema as a long Figurado but with two pointed ends. Because of its length and thickness, it packs a lot of flavors that can be enjoyed for longer.

Find the Perfect Cigar Size at Cayman Cigar, Your Premium Cigar Retailer

Learning about different cigar sizes and experimenting with various types of cigars is an important part of your journey as a cigar enthusiast. A general assumption is that a thicker, shorter cigar can deliver more intensity, and a thinner cigar can provide a smooth and subtle draw, but remember, all cigars are unique in their blends and flavor profiles, so try many sizes to see what works best for you!

We hope this article will enrich your cigar-smoking experience and cigar choices. If you need help selecting the perfect cigar, the Cayman Cigar Company is willing and ready to help you. You can visit our website or send us a message.


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