An Introduction To The Sovereign Cigar Collection

Cayman Cigar Company’s Sovereign Cigar Collection offers a range of richly complex and savory smokes ideally suited for all cigar lovers, from curious beginners to experienced connoisseurs. So, explore the Sovereign Cigar Collection to learn why smoking a Sovereign cigar makes good sense and how smoking them makes the world a better place.

What is the Sovereign Collection

The Sovereign Cigar Collection is for cigar lovers who desire cigars of uncompromising quality that strike a balance between richness, complexity, and taste. Master rollers hand roll the world’s best tobaccos with precision and artistry to create our luxurious Sovereign Cigar Collection. 

We offer three unique expressions of these tobaccos, each telling a different story through the many textures of its blend. Each of the three cigars is blended to deliver smooth yet flavor-packed experiences. As a result, the Sovereign Collection is a haven for all cigar enthusiasts wanting the best quality construction, taste, and refinement. 

What to Expect from Each of the Three Sovereign Collection Cigars

Each of the three Sovereign cigars has something to offer all tastes. In addition, sovereign cigars are available in either a 5.75 x 44 Corona size perfect for any time or a thickly proportioned 5.75 x 50 Robusto. So, no matter the occasion or your experience level, there is a Sovereign cigar to suit.

Sovereign No. 1

The Sovereign No. 1 features a richly textured core of Cuban seed Criollo Seco and Ligero, and Brazilian Volado tobaccos held in a USA Broadleaf binder. A beautiful Brazilian Bahia Sumatra wrapper leaf provides an alluring dressing to the cigar. The cigar’s medium-bodied character stretches from start to satisfying finish with thick notes of dark cocoa supported by undercurrents of cardamom, pepper, and spice. The intensely flavorful yet balanced smoke makes the Sovereign No. 1 a great pairing choice.

Sovereign No. 2

Smooth and balanced, the Sovereign No. 2 is a mellow, more elegant interpretation of the Sovereign portfolio. The cigars feature savory USA Broadleaf binder and wrapper leaves surrounding silky Cuban seed Criollo Seco and Volado tobaccos. Splashes of nut, vanilla, and spice tease throughout, while waves of sandalwood envelope the senses from the start and continue through a richly composed finish. The Sovereign No. 2 is an ideal landing place for those exploring Cayman Cigar collections for the first time while also offering experience aficionados a deeply engaging experience.

Sovereign No. 3

The Sovereign No. 3 ranks as the boldest expression in the Sovereign Collection. The filler blend features Cuban seed Criollo Seco and Ligero tobaccos paired with Brazilian long-leaf Volado tobaccos. A USA Broadleaf binder and dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaf complete the tantalizing cigar. A sweet and savory character undertone joins roasted espresso, spice, earth, leather, and toast notes throughout the full-flavored journey. A long-lasting, zesty finale puts the final exclamation point on this connoisseur favorite. 

The Sovereign Difference

As with all Cayman Cigar collections, Sovereign cigars are tailor-made for cigar lovers frustrated by the time and cost involved in finding Cuban cigars for purchase. However, Sovereign cigars offer a deeply satisfying character that Cuban cigars simply cannot replicate. Sovereign cigars are Caymanian originals born of the harmonious relationship between artisans at the pinnacle of their craft, the people of Grand Cayman, and an invincible Cayman Islands spirit.

Why Cayman Cigars

Each of our Cayman Cigar collections provides exquisite cigar-smoking experiences that also help make a difference in the world. Continuing our commitment to crafting the best premium hand-rolled cigars and helping those in need, we donate 100% of net profits to charitable organizations. 

Crafting high-quality cigars and making a difference takes a lot of good people working towards a common goal. This requires determination, cooperation, a few tears, and a lot of smiles, which are just a small part of what makes Cayman Cigars stand out from the rest. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating the finest premium hand-rolled cigars and helping those in need by partnering with charitable organizations around the world. So, every Cayman cigar you purchase puts someone closer to getting the help they need. 

It’s a team effort

We are nothing without our passionate team. This includes our tobacco farmers and master cigar rollers, our executives, charitable partners, and all those who make Cayman Cigar Company the only cigar company in the world to donate all its net profits to charity. It is through the collective team spirit that we can ensure our cigars maintain a unique Caymanian personality

No more Cuban cigars for sale

While the Cuban cigar mystique is strong, the reality is authentic Cuban cigars are expensive and often unreliable, not to mention hard to find. In addition, Cuban cigar counterfeiting is rampant worldwide. So, we offer a better alternative unlike any other at a better value with our smooth, complex, and dependable Cayman-made cigars.

Great smoke with a great purpose

Our purpose-driven cigars are crafted with precision and care to deliver the most entertaining cigar smoking adventure possible. Combine this with the knowledge that all profits go to charity, and our Cayman cigars offer an intensely gratifying experience. Are you a fan of Cuban cigars? Looking for a change? Do you want to smoke for a good cause? If yes, then you’ll find satisfaction in a Cayman cigar.

We are proud Cayman Cigar Company is the only cigar company to give all of its net profits to charity. As a result, each cigar you purchase from Cayman Cigars goes directly to one of our many charitable partners. They are fighting to make the world a better place for those in need of help. So, making Cayman Cigars your cigar of choice is a good deed that offers instant rewards.

Smoke a Sovereign, Make a Difference 

Sovereign Cigars are more than great smokes that deliver top-tier complexity, body, and taste. Handmade with the highest quality tobaccos by experts passionate about helping others, Sovereign cigars are unmistakably Cayman cigars. So, enjoy great cigars that help those in need. Shop the Sovereign Cigar Collection at Cayman Cigar Company and make a difference today!


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