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Beacon Cigar: The First Cigar to Use Tobacco Grown in the Cayman Islands


The Beacon is coming! The Cayman Cigar Company creation is the first premium cigar to feature whole-leaf tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands. Utilizing Cayman tobacco in each cigar furthers our mission to create the world’s best cigar-smoking experiences. This is while offering a distinctive Caymanian character found nowhere else. So, join us now as we shine a light on the extraordinary journey of The Beacon by Cayman Cigars.

Beacon Farms and Cayman Tobacco

The Beacon is the result of years of research and preparation by the folks at Beacon Farms. It is the namesake of our Beacon cigar. In North Side, Grand Cayman, Beacon Farms was established in 2016. It is a nonprofit agricultural venture to support Caymanians in overcoming the challenges of sustained addiction recovery. To accomplish this, Beacon Farms provides farming education programs and a positive environment for these individuals. It is to help build a better tomorrow for themselves and the greater Caymanian community. 

Beacon Farms is making a positive impact on Caymanians. This is done by applying the latest farming techniques to experimental crops such as tobacco. Moreover, also for cigar lovers around the world. The tobacco grown, cured, and fermented at Beacon Farms is developed especially for Cayman cigars and is the first step in our goal to make the Cayman Islands one of the world’s top tobacco-growing regions. 

What’s Special About Tobacco Grown in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman tobacco used for Beacon cigars is the result of years of research and preparation by the Beacon Farms team. Experimenting with various tobacco types from Criollo 98 to Connecticut Broadleaf, the team utilizes a research garden to develop the methods and procedures best suited for growing top-shelf tobacco in the unique Cayman climate and soil. 

As cultivating techniques are perfected, tobaccos are planted in larger fields. Once harvested, the tobacco leaves are hung in curing barns before going through a rigid fermentation process and aging period. Through extensive experimentation and utilizing the best, most sustainable farming practices, the Beacon Farms team has overcome the many challenges presented by growing tobacco in the Cayman Islands and create rich, flavorful Cayman tobacco ideally suited for the world’s finest cigars. As a result, we are honored that The Beacon is the first premium cigar ever to use tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands.

The Beacon by Cayman Cigars Availability

The Beacon signals the beginning of great things to come for Cayman Cigar Company. It furthers our mission to make the Cayman Islands synonymous with tobacco growing and cigarmaking excellence. The inaugural launch of The Beacon is a historic affair with the Cayman tobacco joining long-leaf tobaccos from our farming partners throughout the Caribbean and beyond. 

The Beacon is offered in 100 five-count boxes commemorating this momentous occasion. Each box is numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity signed by our master rollers or “Torcedoras” Barbara Garcia and Maria Hernandez. With production limited to only 500 cigars, the new cigar will only be sold in the Cayman Islands. The Beacon cigar will not be available in the U.S. or sold online. 

Where to Find the Best Cayman Island Cigars

Cayman Cigar Company’s ever-expanding retail network ensures you can find Cayman cigars when and where you need them. Well, whether on Grand Cayman or abroad. While the extremely limited Beacon cigars won’t be available to all markets, our retail partners throughout the Cayman Islands and the U.S. feature all of the Cayman cigars and accessories that have made Cayman Cigar Company the ultimate cigar connoisseur’s destination. In addition, we are continuously on the hunt for new retail partners to further broaden the range of the luxurious Cayman Cigar experience. 

Ignite a New Cigar Experience

The chance to smoke an exquisite cigar that uses tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands is thrilling, yet The Beacon is so much more. It is born of Cayman Cigar Company’s and Beacon Farms’ shared mission. A mission to showcase world-class Cayman tobacco while giving back to those in need. Every Cayman cigar you smoke helps fulfill that mission. So, keep “The Beacon” burning bright and locate retailers near you today. 


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