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What Are Boutique Cigars? | A Quick Guide from Cayman Cigar Company

What is a Boutique Cigar blog

Not entirely sure what makes a boutique cigar boutique? You aren’t the only one. 

There are plenty of common misconceptions and misunderstandings around the difference between your average premium cigar and a boutique collection. This article will help improve your understanding of these differences.

We’ll go over the concept of a boutique cigar. Learn what you can expect from Cayman’s own boutique cigar catalog. Moreover, where you can go to land your own boutique smoking experience. Let’s jump in!

So What Are Boutique Cigars?

The exact definition of a “boutique” cigar is subject to many intense debates online and in cigar lounges around the world, and almost everyone has a different opinion. Some define it by the number of cigars produced, and others claim that it is purely based on the content of a cigar and the way it was rolled. We like the definition in a 2017 blog post for the Small Batch Cigar Association: “A boutique cigar is one made with meticulous care.”

Indeed, most boutique cigars are produced in smaller quantities, using extra high-quality blends or rare batches of the aged leaves. You might call it a limited run, despite not being particularly hard to track down. These cigars are often hand-rolled with a wide variety of flavors from tobacco producers worldwide, and conversely, some ultra-boutique cigar companies use leaves from only one farm or geographic area.

Because of the inherent “uniqueness factor” found in boutique cigars, the refined production process, and artisanal attention to detail, boutique cigars are often in a class by themselves, offering a slightly unique experience to each cigar you smoke. Like a microbrewery, boutique cigars provide aficionados with the chance to try out something new and exciting. 

Cayman Cigar Company Boutique Cigars

Cayman cigars are crafted from a range of premium whole-leaf tobaccos sourced from throughout the Caribbean. Our cigars are made using the highest-quality Caribbean tobacco and hand-rolled by Cuban native Torcedoras (Master Cigar Rollers). At the heart of every one of our cigars is the Cayman Islands spirit of innovation, positivity, and cooperation that sets us apart.

The family farms and growers in these communities make it all possible, and we share their passion for quality. This connection—as well as the consumers that give us business—fosters a relationship that Cayman Cigars values above all else. Whether you are a curious first-timer or a true cigar aficionado, we have a collection sure to excite your palate and add to your cigar experience.  

Where to Purchase Boutique Cigars

Ordering our boutique cigars in the United States is easy!. You don’t even have to leave the website! Cayman offers free USPS Mail shipping anywhere in the United States. With that, you can have access to truly high-quality boutique cigars that will elevate your smoking experience.

Ordering a boutique cigar is as simple as heading over to our Collections page and browsing the options! From rich and smooth to savory and oaky, every smoker has a premium artisanal cigar.

To find out more about Cayman Cigars, visit our site.


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