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Cigars and Drinks: What Pairs Well With Premium Cigars?

What Pairs Well With Premium Cigars

What pairs well with premium cigars? If you are an aficionado of the finer things in life, this question is sure to have popped up at some time or the other. And why shouldn’t it? After all, premium cigars, wines, and spirits have a lot in common- they’re all about savoring that flavor, aroma, and experience. 

In this post, we give you 5 great cigar pairings which will elevate and enhance your overall cigar experience.

What are Cigar Pairings?

Cigar pairings are beverages or drinks that you can pair with cigars. Although other items such as chocolate can be paired with cigars, most people usually refer to drinks when they are talking about cigar pairings. 

When it comes to pairing drinks with cigars, many connoisseurs may argue that whiskey is the best option. Some may be firm believers in aged rums, and some earnest aficionados drink only sparkling water. No matter, the good news is that practically any kind of cigar pairs well with a variety of beverages, depending on their flavor, strength, and other factors. 

When pairing cigars and drinks, the flavors of the cigar and the accompanying beverage should complement and balance each other, while enhancing the overall flavor profile. It’s all about harmony!

So, what pairs well with premium cigars? In this next section, we will answer this question so that you can start enjoying the best cigar pairings.

What Pairs Well With Premium Cigars?

What pairs well with premium cigars? There are many drinks that you can pair with cigars to help you enjoy the fine flavors of life. Here are some of the top cigar pairings:

1. Whiskey

A “go-to” choice for many cigar lovers. And why not? A Lot of expertise, creativity, and aging go into the making of both cigars and whiskey. Cigar makers and whiskey distillers hone their expertise and skills by using their senses of smell and taste extensively to help them develop a better palate.

A full-bodied cigar pairs well with a strong whiskey such as a Highland single malt Scotch whiskey. Our Cayman Cigar Company Sovereign #3 would be a great choice. Its spicy Arapiraca wrapper pairs well with single malts. Our Caravel Petit Corona is well suited to American whiskeys with a hint of sweetness.

2. Wine

Fine wines and cigars share many things such as their blending characteristics, terroir, aging, body, aromas, flavors, and….acid. Acid is a good thing. (In wine, anyway). This is what makes them a perfect pairing — almost like a match made in heaven. The acid found in a good wine enhances the flavors of a cigar, and the acidity in cigars balances the acidity found in many big, bold wines.

A full-bodied cigar pairs well with full-bodied wines such as Bordeaux, Amarone, or even sweet port wine. Again, it’s all about balance and harmony. More robust, darker cigars taste even better when you pair them with strong red wines like a monster California Cabernet or even a Rhône Valley Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Our Sovereign No. 1, with its Brazilian Bahia Sumatra, is a great complement to these wines.

3. Cognac or Rum

Cognac and rum are classics, old-school combinations with cigars. Dark rum or vintage Cognac goes well with rich, full-bodied cigars as their aroma unfolds slowly without being too heavy on the palate. The woody and herbal notes of many Cognacs are wonderful when paired with our Diplomat cigar.

The spicy, molasses notes of dark rums from Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico are also a great pairing with full-bodied cigars like the Monarch from Cayman Cigar Company. The rich, full-bodied aromas and flavors of the Monarch meld wonderfully with the nuances of dark, barrel-aged rums. Also, note that milder cigars like our Sovereign No. 2 work well with lighter or white rums.

4. Beer 

When the summer sun is high in the sky, cigars do well with a cool, refreshing beer. Who says you can’t enjoy a good cigar while cooling off with a chilled beer?

Just as with the other pairings, think of balance. Pair mild and medium-bodied cigars like our Sovereign No. 2 with a lighter beer such as pilsner or light ale. Their gentle aroma and flavor profile blend well and helps you fine-tune your experience. 

If you prefer drinking a dark beer that has a higher malt content, choose a stronger cigar with a spicy aroma, like our Sovereign No. 3. If you’re a stout fan, fire up a Diplomat for an astounding pairing.

5. Tequila

Tequila and cigars may be an unusual pairing but are actually a refreshing and delightful combination. Just like our cigars, tequila comes in different styles and flavor profiles. So it is easy to pair them by looking at their flavor notes so that neither overpowers the other. 

A Blanco tequila pair best with a mild to medium cigar. Meanwhile, a smooth Resposado tequila complements a more robust but rich cigar, like our Sovereign No. 3. Anejo tequila is aged for one to three years in wooden barrels, which leaves it with a smooth and complex flavor profile. This makes it especially nice with medium-strength cigars, like our Sovereign No. 1. 

Extra Anejo tequila is aged for no less than three years. This gives it a deeper, more complex and exciting flavor profile that goes well with an exceptional cigar. Our Monarch is the exceptional cigar for this treat.

Cayman Cigar Company’s Premium Cigars

At Cayman Cigar Company, we are justly famous for our premium hand-rolled cigars. We source the finest tobaccos from the Caribbean, employ classically trained Torcedoras (Master Rollers), and ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency. All to curate a one-of-a-kind cigar-smoking experience, just for you. 

We are located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and our island spirit is rolled into every cigar we make. Our relationships with our growers ensure that we roll the highest quality whole leaf tobacco from the most prestigious tobacco-growing regions of the world. 

Our cigar-rolling team then crafts the best cigars so that you can savor the most gratifying cigar experience. We are proud to have two of the finest cigar makers in the business — master rollers Barbara Garcia Anselmo and Maria Delvis Hernandez.

Our exquisitely crafted cigars offer a smooth character that even a first-timer will love.  They also have the complexity and richness that more experienced smokers desire. You can check out our extensive Cayman Cigar collection where you can find amazing cigars for all tastes and occasions. 

Did you know that we give 100% of our net proceeds to charity? Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world to donate all profits to charity. So while you’re enjoying a fine Cayman cigar, you’ll know that we share our good fortune with others,  to support our community, our island, and our world.

Enjoy the Best Cigars And Drinks With Cayman Cigars

Wine, whiskey, cognac, rum, beer, and tequila are some of the best pairings that you must try. But ultimately, cigar pairings are a personal choice. So what works for some may not work for you. Mix and match different cigars with different spirits to help you find your favorite pairing. Have fun! Come see us! If you happen to be in Grand Cayman, we’d love for you to visit our store at 187 Bodden Town Road, Bodden Town, Cayman Islands. You can also head to our website and learn more about our offerings.


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