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FROM SEED TO CIGAR–One Month Since Planting

We’re back with our next Cayman Cigars Seed To Cigar update!

The growth of our Connecticut Broadleaf and Criollo 98 tobacco plants is incredible! Thanks to great soil, just the right amount of natural rainfall, and abundant Caribbean sunshine, our plants are strong and healthy, as you’ll see in these short videos.

Tobacco plant root systems are shallow and tend to spread out, rather than go deep into the soil. Using Beacon Farms’ first-in-the-Caribbean composting system, we now can infuse our naturally volcanic seedbeds with nutritious compost, creating the best growing environment for our plants. Our plants will grow high and strong, reaching skyward to absorb our copious tropical sunshine and gentle trade winds.

Check back again next month for our next update!

Granger & Scott


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