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Who is Cayman Cigars? What makes us unique? How do you place your order? All are great questions that we answer below for you! Not seeing what you are looking for below? Then click on the “Contact Us” page at the top to get in contact with us directly.

A few things. First, we only make the finest premium cigars from whole leaf tobaccos sourced from small farms who share our passion for growing only the best tobacco. We search the Caribbean and South America for just the right leaves for our cigars. Second, we are the only premium cigar maker in the world to donate 100% of all net profits to charity. How cool is it to smoke great cigars and help others at the same time? Third, here’s a secret: we are putting Grand Cayman on the world map as an exciting new premium tobacco producing area. That’s right, we are growing our own tobacco right here in Grand Cayman! Our early testing indicates we are soon ready to begin production on the world’s first super-premium cigar made with Cayman grown tobacco. Why should Cuba and the Dominican Republic have all the fun? 

It’s easy! And, if you live in the USA, shipping is free! Just go to and place your order. We ship via USPS Mail from our shipping office in Tampa, FL. Our cigars are stored in our Florida aging room for optimum temperature and humidity, then hand packed and sent to you.

If you are outside the USA, just go to and our system will recognize where you are. If your home country allows it, we’ll ship your cigars directly from our humidor to you via DHL shipping from our store in Grand Cayman. 

The differences between non-premium and premium cigars are significant. Premium cigars are made with the whole tobacco leaf, as opposed to pieces of leaf. A premium cigar rolled entirely by hand. Non-premium cigars are machine-made by the thousands. Finally, premium cigars contain no additives or chemicals. These agents are often added to lesser quality non-premium cigars to obtain certain taste requirements or flavors.

The best answer is to trust yourself! This might seem daunting or frightening, but it need not be, and it’s easier than you think. For example, if you like light beers, light, mild wines, delicate sauces, and mild foods, then a like-minded cigar would be a good choice. Ditto a medium to full-bodied cigar if your tastes run to big, robust wines, dark beers, and spicy foods. Find a retail tobacconist near you and stop in to introduce yourself. There is nothing we enjoy more than talking about cigars and ensuring that customers leave with the best cigar for them. If you don’t have a cigar shop near you, feel free to email us with your contact info; we’ll call you back and together, find a great selection for you.

Making a good, clean cut on your cigar is important for a great smoking experience. A proper cut will create a smooth opening that allows you to take an effective draw from the cigar. While the process is quite simple, mastering it can take some practice! The following tips will illustrate how to cut a cigar with a cigar cutter.

There are multiple types of cutters from which to choose. It really comes down to personal preference; Guillotine, or straight cutters are the most popular option for cutting, as they are easy to use. However, there is extra risk in cutting off too much of the cigar, resulting in your cigar unraveling. It’s best to cut your cigar just below the apex of the rounded end (think, the “shoulders” of the cigar).

A fail-safe cutter for beginners and seasoned smokers alike is the “V” Cutter. As its name implies, it cuts a pre-measured V shaped notch in the cigar tip quickly and easily. And, it won’t let you cut too much!

A punch type cutter has a loyal following. Fans of the punch enjoy the minimal amount of damage that is done to the cigar, since you simply insert the punch tip in the cigar tip and twist. 

Want to enjoy a cigar but can’t find a cutter? As a last resort, channel your inner Western movie star and simply bite off the tip of the cigar. It won’t be pretty, and you might be spitting out a few pieces of tobacco, but it will do the job!

Pro Tip: Made a bad cut? You can always simply smoke your cigar from the opposite end. We promise it works just fine!

Learning how to light up a cigar correctly requires both the right tools and the right technique. If you have both, you’re well on your way to enjoying a perfect burn! Like anything else, it’s easier the more you practice.

Let’s start with the tools. The first and most obvious option is a lighter. The best lighters are butane, which emits an odorless flame. Traditional “Bic” and “Zippo” type lighters can taint the taste of your cigar due to the oiliness of the lighter fluid. Wooden matches are a common choice for aficionados as well; They lack extra chemicals and are simple to use. Better retailers will carry longer length wooden matches especially for cigars. (Helpful hint: after striking, let the initial sulfur cloud burn away before touching the flame to the cigar.

Lighting a cigar using cedar spills is an organic method used by die-hard cigar fans. Thin strips of natural cedar set aflame allow you to light up without the risk of contaminants. 

Here’s a quick guide to lighting your cigar perfectly:

  1. Hold the cigar above the flame, touching it ever so slightly. 
  2. Rotate, rotate, rotate. Be patient and allow the cigar to slowly burn, taking care to light it evenly around the entire perimeter. When you start to see that glowing red ring just inside the edges, you’re off to a great start! Now place the flame towards the center of the cigar for a few seconds while rotating the cigar.
  3. Take a puff of the cigar and see how you’ve done! If it doesn’t draw air well, or the burn is becoming uneven, continue to slowly relight until it’s satisfactory.

A hand rolled cigar has been supervised by a Torcedora (Master Roller) from start to finish. Whole leaf tobaccos are selected and bunched by hand for the filler of the cigar, Then the Torcedora selects the Binder, which is another whole leaf that holds the insides together. Finally, he or she selects the wrapper and wraps the cigar. Intense attention to quality control and consistency in appearance, aroma and flavor are hallmarks of a hand rolled cigar. 


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$5 donation to one of our non-profit partnership charities made with each cigar purchase.

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