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How To Recognize Premium Cigars 

So, you’ve entered the world of cigar smoking. Where do you start? How are you going to find the best premium cigar? Cayman Cigars has plenty of experience working with some of the most talented cigar rollers around, and we’ve prepared a short guide to help you find the good stuff. In this article, we’ll cover what a premium cigar is, and the characteristics that make a great cigar even better. Read on, and learn the basics that will help you navigate your journey towards your enjoyment of high-quality cigars.

What is a Premium Cigar?

Premium cigars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can debate all day long with your friends about which is your favorite, but there are some foundational qualities we think are important. We think you’ll agree, too.

Any premium cigar has undoubtedly been hand-rolled by a skilled Torcedora (cigar roller). Many of today’s premium cigars are sourced from the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t find an incredible cigar across the pond.

Let’s start with what’s inside. The filler tobacco used in premium cigars is whole leaf tobacco, not bits and pieces. No shredded tobaccos, either. Just the best leaves with the best aromas and flavors. The binder, which surrounds the filler, is also a whole leaf. Every high-quality cigar is then wrapped with blemish-free whole leaf tobacco. The wrapper leaves are a bit elastic, allowing the cigar roller to gently stretch the wrapper over the binder leaving a smooth, uniform color and texture. 

Once you’ve found your favorite retailer or cigar lounge in which to purchase your cigar, it’s time to get up close and personal with the world of premium cigars. Whether you’re an experienced smoker or new to the cigar scene, this guide will help you. Read on!

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Premium Cigars Versus The Wannabes?

High-quality cigars look good! Remember how mouth-watering your last holiday meal looked? That’s because we taste with our eyes first. Putting your knowledge of “What is a high-quality cigar?” to work, your newly practiced eye will note the color, consistency, and general appearance of the cigar. The wrapper leaf of the cigar should be without tears or holes, looking uniform and balanced.

Sniff and Smell with care! Etiquette dictates that when evaluating the aroma of a cigar, one never puts a cigar directly under one’s nose. Instead, hold the cigar about an inch or two from your nose to get the nuances of the aromas. You can also wave the cigar under your nose (holding it by the band, so you don’t leave your own skin oils on the wrapper leaf) while inhaling through your nose to get a great indication of the cigar’s aroma.

Lastly, high-quality cigars have been properly stored. Humidity and temperature are major factors when storing cigars. If you are buying from a reputable cigar lounge or retailer (and why wouldn’t you be?), odds are they are using expensive humidors to maintain the freshness of their cigars because they care about quality just like you do. If that isn’t the case, you’ll be able to tell. Tobacco secretes traces of oil at 70-72 percent humidity, so if you notice a slight sheen on the wrapper, relax and congratulate your retailer or lounge manager for a job well done!

The Cayman Cigar Company Mission: Make Great and High-Quality Cigars and Help Others.

Cayman Cigar Company was created with two purposes in mind: Embracing the art of handcrafting premium cigars, and giving back to the community.

Cayman Cigar Company is more than just a business. Apart from selling world-class artisanal cigars, it is also modeled as a non-profit. In order to stay true to the principles of its founding, 100% of net profits are donated to charities and philanthropic organizations. Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar company in the world to donate all net profits to charity.

By providing valued customers with some of the world’s most exclusive cigars, Cayman Cigar Company has been able to give back generously to a variety of organizations.

Cayman cigars are crafted from a range of premium whole leaf tobaccos sourced throughout the Caribbean. The family farms and growers make it all possible, and we share their passion for quality. This connection—as well as the consumers that love our cigars—foster a relationship that Cayman Cigars values above all else.  

How to Order Cayman High-Quality Cigars in the United States

Ordering Cayman Cigars in the United States is easy. You don’t even have to leave the website! Cayman Cigar Company offers free shipping within the United States using USPS Mail, giving you quick access to our world-class cigars and elevating your smoking experience.

Ordering Cayman cigars is as simple as heading over to our Collections page and browsing the options! From the rich and smooth Caravel to the savory and oaky Monarch Robusto, there’s a premium artisanal cigar for every smoker.

To find out more about Cayman Cigars, visit our site.


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