From Seed to Cigar

From Seed to Cigar

Embarking on a unique journey that intertwines philanthropy and the artistry of cigar manufacturing. This is the story of Beacon Farms unfolds from soil to seed to cigar. Founded in 2017, Beacon Farms as a non-profit initiative was conceived by the Haugh Family to provide a vital “second step” in the recovery process for Caymanians battling substance abuse. Situated on a 34-acre farm in Grand Cayman, the foundation quickly transformed existing structures into a haven for recovery and growth.

One distinctive aspect of Beacon Farms was its commitment to introducing innovative agricultural practices to the Cayman Islands. This journey led to the cultivation of cigar tobacco, a crop with a unique timeline, inspiring the creation of the world’s first nonprofit cigar manufacturing company, Cayman Cigars. Facing the challenge of government regulations due to its non-profit status, Beacon Farms innovatively established Cayman Cigars, pledging to donate all net profits to charitable causes.

As we delve into the fascinating tale of Tobacco Crop 2024, this series will trace the intricate process from soil preparation to seed selection, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of Cayman Cigars “Beacon” brand cigars. Crop 2022 set the stage, incorporating Connecticut Broadleaf as the Binder, while the Wrapper and Fillers hailed from other Caribbean leaves. The journey continues with Crop 2023’s “Beacon II,” a new blend featuring Beacon leaf as the binder, anticipating a release in mid 2024.

Join us on this extraordinary expedition as we unfold the chapters of “Beacon III”. We will reveal the meticulous care given to soil composition, the importance of authentic Cuban seed in tobacco production, and the delicate phases of germination and field planting. Stay tuned for consistent updates, witnessing the growth and transformation of 250 Connecticut Broadleaf and 250 Criollo 98 plants, each destined to play a unique role in crafting the next generation of Beacon cigars.

The Beginning 

In 2017, the Haugh Family created The Beacon of  Hope Cayman Foundation, a nonprofit better  known as “Beacon Farms”. Its purpose was to  change Caymanian lives by offering Caymanians  a “second step” in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. It is a path to a normal future. The Haugh’s  purchased a 34-acre farm in Grand Cayman. It contained a four bedroom house, a 2 bedroom cottage, and a garage. 

Members of the Bridge Foundation (candidates for the 2nd-Step Program) refurbished both structures in the next 9 months. It then resulted in a 5 bedroom, 5 bath house. The garage was transformed into an Agricultural Production Unit (APU). When this rehabilitation was completed, the Bridge restoration crew became the first employees of the 2nd-Step Program.

A second purpose of Beacon Farms was to introduce new  agricultural methods and crops new to Cayman. One of the  new crops selected was cigar tobacco. The time from seed to a hand rolled cigar could take 3 years. With that, it was decided to begin with the infrastructure: a cigar rolling and sales operation. 

Since Beacon was a nonprofit, the Government would not issue a Tobacco license. Two members of the Beacon Board of Directors then created a for-profit company. The Cayman Cigars. Then, decreed that it would donate all net profits to charity thus creating the world’s first nonprofit cigar manufacturing company.

The story of Tobacco Crop 2024 as it evolves from soil to seed to cigar. It will demonstrate the uniqueness of two small companies as they produce the “Beacon” brand cigars. Beacon’s from crop 2022 was produced from Connecticut Broadleaf seed. It was used as the Binder, and the wrapper and fillers were from other Caribbean leaves. 600 cigars were rolled and 500 packaged 5 to a box were sold in Grand Cayman.

BEACON II from Crop 2023 will be about 1500 to 2000 cigars. It will be a new blend with Beacon leaf as the binder. 

Check back again next month for our next update!

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