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Best Cayman Cigars for Different Palates

Best Cayman Cigars for Different Palates

Finding the best Cayman cigar to suit your palate, whether size, flavor, body, strength, mood, or occasion, can be challenging. Luckily, Cayman Cigars cultivates a range of luxurious modern classics that ensure you always have a great smoke no matter the situation.

Our ever-growing portfolio of premium cigars delivers on our promise to create world-class cigars while giving back to our community. Cayman Cigar Company has something for everyone, from easy-going options for the casual enthusiast to richly complex, connoisseur-worthy offerings. So, join us now as we explore the Cayman cigar range, blends best suited for your palate, and exciting coming attractions.

Exploring Cayman’s Signature Blends: Unraveling Flavor Profiles

Our cigars begin with luxurious, whole-leaf tobaccos sourced from tobacco growers in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and beyond. We partner with small family farms that share our commitment to cultivating only the best, most luxurious Cuban-seed tobaccos. The result is a unique range of blends available in Robusto and Corona sizes that give you the flexibility to find a perfect match for your cigar palate preferences. 

Sovereign No. 1

Sovereign No. 1 cigars give you royal treatment with a smooth, delectably rich experience. Cuban-seed Criollo Viso and Seco tobaccos mix with lively Criollo Ligero leaves to offer a balanced and complex medium-bodied smoke perfect for any time of day. Dark chocolate, black pepper, and exotic spice flavors highlight the luxurious Sovereign No. 1 blend.

Sovereign No. 2

When the mood calls for a smooth and mellow smoke, the Sovereign No. 2 is the ideal choice. The blend’s softer, more relaxed character showcases the elegant side of our aged tobaccos. The flavor profile features a medley of alluring tastes, including sandalwood, cedar, hazelnut, and creamy vanilla hints. The Sovereign No. 2 blend is great for all tastes and moods.

Sovereign No. 3

The bold Sovereign No. 3 blend is tailored to aficionados who prefer to take the road less traveled, desiring a robust yet sophisticated character. A Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaf tops a voluptuous blend of Cuban-seed Criollo and Brazilian tobacco leaves to deliver the Sovereign line’s richest experience. Espresso, spice, and natural tobacco notes highlight the earthy, deeply complex Sovereign No. 3 cigar.


The Monarch is cigar smoking at its most extravagant, with a compelling blend of Cuban-seed Ligero, Seco, and Viso tobaccos paired with a rich Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper leaf. Balance and luxury are at the heart of this blend, offering bold texture and taste with a smooth, refined character. The Monarch is wondrously opulent smoke that serves as a connoisseur favorite and an approachable crowd-pleaser for newer cigar smokers.


The Caravel blend is a landmark collaboration between Cayman Cigar and Tabacalera la Isla that delivers uncompromising texture, taste, and complexity. The blend features exquisite Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, a Dominican binder, and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The classic Robusto size maximizes every last morsel of the blend’s savory cocoa, pepper, earth, and spice flavors, making the Caravel an extraordinary experience.


A passion project for our renowned Torcedora Maria Delvis Hernandez, the Mariner pays homage to Caribbean exploration with a spirited collection of Piloto Cubano Seco, Viso, and Ligero tobaccos dressed in a rich Ecuadorian Corojo Maron wrapper. Lavish vanilla bean, sweet spice, earth, nut, and wood flavors bring cool ocean breezes and tropical isles to mind with each puff. Rich yet smooth and balanced, the Mariner is an exercise in harmony.

Corona Collection

The Cayman Corona Collection is perfect for exploring the Cayman Cigar range or when you can’t decide which blend to smoke. The limited time offering features the Mariner blend and all three Sovereign blends in tubed versions of our popular 5.25″ x 44 Corona size. The Corona Collection is a great way for connoisseurs and newbies to dive into the best Cayman Cigars releases.

High Quality Cigar Recommendations for Novices: Smooth and Approachable Selections

Diving headlong into Cayman’s richest, most complex smokes right from the start is tempting, to be sure. However, it is best to ease into the mix to allow each tobacco blend’s characteristics to be unveiled gradually. You can more easily build towards bolder, more intense smokes. In addition, you’ll better appreciate the subtleties of the cigarmaker’s craft while letting your palate soak up all of the refined complexity Cayman cigars offer.

The Cayman Sovereign No. 2’s smooth and mellow character is the perfect way to start your Cayman cigar adventure. The Sovereign No. 2 is an approachable, gentle-natured smoke ideally suited for novices, yet with all the taste and balanced structure connoisseurs crave. The Sovereign No. 1 is the next step in high-quality cigar recommendations for novice cigar smokers. A smooth, medium-bodied excursion, the Sovereign No. 1 shares the easy-going character of the Sovereign No. 2 blend, yet with a dash more vigor and strength. 

As you take your first steps into the Cayman Cigar world, we recommend starting with the classic Corona size, which provides a fully developed smoke that is ideal for exploring Cayman cigars. Pair Cayman Sovereign No. 1 and No. 2 cigars with your favorite rum, ale, wine, or coffee beverages to enhance the tasting experience.

Bold and Robust: Best Cigars for the Connoisseur’s Cigar Palate Preferences

A slow, systematic approach to Cayman cigar tasting allows your palate to develop, bringing a greater overall appreciation of cigar blends and landing you squarely in the realm of the connoisseur. Once experienced cigar smokers discover their palate preferences, identifying the most satisfying cigar styles gets easier and more specific. This frees you to venture deeper into the bolder, more complex cigar territory. 

The Monarch, Caravel, and Mariner blends are fantastic options for the discerning cigar connoisseur. Each enchants with bold strokes of flavor and a sturdy yet refined structure. For a decidedly bolder, more adventurous endeavor, the Cayman Sovereign No. 3 blend is the ultimate in complexity and sophistication.

The Robusto size is a great way to savor all of the hidden treasures within these bolder blends, each providing a velvety, richly captivating mouthfeel. When searching for unforgettable cigar and drink pairings, enjoy the Monarch, Caravel, Mariner, and Sovereign No. 3 cigars with fine whiskey, brandy, or fortified wine.

Upcoming Cayman Cigar Releases: A Sneak Peek into Our Exciting New Offering

As our team remains dedicated to advancing our mission of giving back, we’re excited to introduce our latest creation: the Cayman Collection Gift Box! This meticulously curated box includes 10 of our premium cigars, including two each of the Sovereign No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, the Monarch, and the Mariner, accompanied by essential accessories and detailed tasting notes. Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled smoking pleasure while supporting meaningful causes.

Find Cigar Nirvana with Cayman’s Premium Cigar Selections 

Cayman Cigar’s premium cigar selections deliver a full range of specially curated blends to suit all levels of taste. From the engaging and diverse Sovereign range to the sophistication of the Monarch, Caravel and Mariner blends, there is a Cayman cigar ideally suited to your palate preferences. 

Whether connoisseur or novice, it is time to explore all the super-premium hand rolled treasures that await. Besides, where else can you all at once savor the world’s best cigars and help out those who need it most? So, discover another level of cigar luxury and bliss, and shop Cayman Cigars today.


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