The Cayman Islands Cigar Scene: A Snapshot of Local Lounges and Shops “Near Me”

The Cayman Islands Cigar Scene- A Snapshot of Local Cigar Lounges and Shops

Explore the Cayman Islands and be transported to a tropical paradise where the people, land, and sea thrive as one to create an unforgettable Cayman experience. There is no better way to soak up Cayman sights, sounds, and flavors than with a luxurious, hand-rolled cigar. So, we’ve compiled this quick guide to help you find the ideal Cayman Islands cigar store, lounge, and cigar-smoking experience to enhance your stay.

A Cigar Connoisseur’s Oasis: Unveiling Cayman’s Premier Lounges

Visiting a Cayman cigar lounge is a fantastic way to engage with the locals, get an insider’s view of the Cayman lifestyle, and enjoy great cigars, drinks, food, and entertainment. Grand Cayman has numerous cigar lounges, each offering a unique style and island personality. So, here are a few of the top Cayman cigar lounge destinations:

The Backroom

Located in West Bay, The Backroom cigar lounge is a local favorite. The lounge features a full bar and a well-stocked humidor filled with premium handmade Cuban and Cayman cigars for all levels of taste and experience. The décor has a pleasing speakeasy appeal. Comfy leather sofas and chairs further enhance the relaxing atmosphere. It is a great place to relax with a quiet smoke and tasty beverage.

Vine and Tap

Vine and Tap is a retail shop and lounge inside the Cayman Technology Centre. Hard-to-find wines, brews, and gin are the house specialty, with an adjourning outdoor space dubbed The Garden. This pleasing outdoor area is a great place to pick up Cayman cigars and unwind with a beverage after a busy day exploring the island. Regular tasting events and live music add to the welcoming vibe.

Silver Palm at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

The Ritz-Carlton’s Silver Palm at Seven Mile Beach provides a decidedly elegant lounge setting. Their recent multi-million dollar remodel showcases island elegance at its best! The Silver Palm curates a world-class collection of rum and premium cigars that is not to be missed.

The Grand Old House and The Wharf

These venerable Cayman restaurants, located in South Sound and George Town respectively, set the standard for outdoor dining in Cayman. With two of Cayman’s largest outdoor seating areas, The Grand Old House and The Wharf are the perfect spots to enjoy a wonderful meal and relax with a Cayman cigar while watching the sunset (and the famous “Green Flash”). Grand Old House has a shaded cigar grotto, and The Wharf has recently remodeled an area of their outdoor dining space to house a brand new humidor and cigar area. 

Le Petit Bar

This West Bay gem is for serious wine and spirits aficionados! While small in size, it boasts one of Cayman’s most talented and educated ownership teams. Owner and Master Sommelier Christian Esser curates wine and spirits selections from around the globe. From hand-crafted cocktail (and mocktail) ingredients to one of the island’s most eclectic wine lists (glass pours are outstanding!) Le Petit Bar is the choice for an intimate experience featuring a humidor stocked with Cayman cigars! 

Humidor Highlights: Discovering Cayman Island Cigar Stores

Cayman Islands cigar store is a great island pastime that puts you front and center in the Cayman cigar culture. A wide spectrum of cigar shops and lounges throughout the Cayman Islands carry our best-selling Cayman Cigar offerings and curate elite cigar collections from around the world.

So, Can You Buy Cuban Cigars in the Cayman Islands Legally?

One of the most asked questions by visitors to Grand Cayman is, “Can you buy Cuban cigars in the Cayman Islands?” We are happy to report that you can. Cuban cigars are widely available, often right alongside Cayman cigars, providing a great opportunity to compare and taste the Cayman cigar difference.

Best Place to Buy Cigars in Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands hosts several beer, wine, and spirits sellers specializing in cigars. With numerous locations throughout the islands, Tortuga Wine and Spirit, Blackbeard’s, and Jacques Scott are dependable cigar shopping destinations. For a true cigar shop experience, Churchill Cigars is a venerable Cayman cigar dealer with multiple locations, ensuring a great smoke is never far away. 

Cayman’s top cigar lounges feature great cigar collections, too. Yet naturally, the absolute best place to buy cigars in Grand Cayman is at our Cayman Cigar Company location in Bodden Town, your home away from home. Here, you will find the full Cayman collection and specialties. You’ll also learn from our friendly, expert team how our cigars are made and how you are helping in our mission to give back to the community. 

Local Flavors: Cayman Islands Cigar Pairings

The Cayman Island cigar experience is more than just sparking up a cigar on the beach. It’s all about blending Cayman cuisine, drinks, and lifestyle with a great smoke. So, infuse your cigar pairings with a touch of local flavor and find another level of cigar-smoking bliss. 

The Grand Old House’s fresh bacon-wrapped wahoo, a Cayman seafood delicacy, pairs with  a Cayman Cigar Sovereign No. 2 and a crisp white wine perfectly. If delicious meats are up your alley, try the Surf and Turf at The Wharf, and a Cayman Cigars Monarch and an aged rum for a truly wonderful experience. 

A trip to the Cayman Islands wouldn’t be complete without enjoying an island cigar and drink pairing. You’ll find all your favorites throughout the islands, including world-renowned whisky, rum, gin, and wine collections. Local Cayman specialty Seven Fathoms Rum strikes seafaring harmony with Cayman’s The Mariner cigar. 

Here are a few more of our favorite drinks to pair with Cayman cigars:

  • Rum Punch: A sweet and lively island staple perfect for any time.
  • Mudslide: A Cayman-born legend that delivers tantalizing cigar pairing possibilities. 
  • Cayman Lemonade: A refreshing elixir for relaxing under the sun with a cigar.
  • Paradise Coffee Black Coral: A big, bold Cayman coffee blend that’ll kickstart the day with a Cayman Sovereign cigar.

Cayman’s many drinks and culinary delights can add a captivating flair to your cigar enjoyment. So, explore all the great pairings the islands offer. 

Cayman’s Cigar Events: Where Passion Meets Relaxation

Cayman’s unique blend of island leisure, cosmopolitan character, and artistic flair make for a grandly entertaining cigar-smoking paradise. For example, April’s Red Sky at Night event caps off the annual Cayfest with live music, art, food, drink, and more, tailor-made for cigar enjoyment under the stars.

Many of the local restaurants and lounges host more intimate affairs. The Grand Old House, as mentioned, features a cigar grotto and hosts events with an onsite cigar roller. Cayman Cigar Company is often at the center of events around Grand Cayman while also hosting in-store tastings to nurture the Cayman love of cigars and the easy-going island lifestyle.

Savor Cigars The Cayman Way

Cigars are central to the Cayman Islands experience, and there is no better way to savor each discovery than with a cigar from our Cayman Islands cigar store. So, ignite your senses and embark on an adventure filled with luxury cigars, great food and drink, new friends, and lasting memories. Start your journey at Cayman Cigars today!


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