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Cayman Cigar Company is more than just a business. Apart from selling world-class artisanal cigars, it also functions as a non-profit. All profits are donations to charities and organizations with involvement in honorable missions. This is in order to stay true to the principles that made Cayman Cigars a reality.

While we love to talk up our cigars, the causes we support matter the most. To find out who we are, to whom we donate, and how we do it, read on!

Who is Cayman Cigars? 

The creation of the Cayman Cigar Company has two purposes in mind. The first is to embrace the art of handcrafting premium cigars. Next is to give back to our community.

These principles have guided Cayman Cigars from the beginning. It all began with two cigar-loving friends, John Lemuel “Lem” Hurlston and Granger Haugh. The duo began considering the idea of Cayman Cigars while serving alongside each other as board members of local charitable organizations. Soon enough, that dream turned into a reality.

Granger and Lem based their idea on the concept of a “for-profit/non-profit” business model. This turned out to be ideal, combining their passion for high-quality whole leaf cigars and supporting the community all at once. By providing valued customers with some of the world’s most exclusive cigars, Cayman has been able to give back generously to the communities that support it.

Cayman cigars are crafted from a range of premium whole leaf tobaccos from deep within the Caribbean. The family farms and growers in these communities make it all possible, and we share their passion for quality. This connection—as well as the consumers that give us business—fosters a relationship that Cayman Cigars values above all else. 

As such, Cayman Cigar Company is the world’s only premium cigar company to donate 100% of net profits to charity. 

All Profits to Charity– Really? 

Yes, really!

The Cayman Cigar Company is able to operate as a for-profit/non-profit because it was built with this purpose in mind. Each and every person on our team, from the Chairman to our Master Cigar Rollers, jumped at the chance to take part in such a fulfilling opportunity.

As previously mentioned, Cayman Cigar Company is the world’s only premium cigar company to donate 100% of net profits to charity. This means that every dollar we don’t use to keep the lights on goes towards our favorite charitable organizations. Cayman wants to pass on the love and support that we’ve felt from the beginning of our journey.

By purchasing our Cayman Cigars, you are directly helping others, both in the Cayman Islands and beyond. With a spirit of social enterprise (we call it Philanthro-Capitalism), funds generated by cigar sales benefit a variety of local and international charitable organizations, each dedicated to improving and enhancing the lives of others.

Our donations go towards a wide variety of causes. Whether this means specialized support for U.S. veterans, improving agricultural and farming techniques, or supporting the self-sufficiency and independence of those in addiction recovery, Cayman wants to make sure your purchase actually makes a difference in the world.

Current Cayman Cigar Company Partners

The Cayman Cigar Company is a proud partner of multiple charities and causes that operate from donations. Here are some of Cayman Cigar Company’s most prominent partners:

National War Plane Museum

The National Warplane Museum has the dedication to the preservation and operation of WW2, Korea, and Vietnam-era aircraft. The restored aircraft and support equipment is found at its location in Geneseo, New York. The organization puts on museum tours, aircraft rides, and an annual airshow. Cayman donates profits to the National Warplane Museum to help ensure that the important roles these aircraft played in American freedom over the decades are never forgotten.

Knights Templar The Raymond Davis Templar Foundation and the Knights Antiquity Historical Society (KAHS)

The Raymond Davis Templar Foundation funds opportunities for at-risk communities in the Holy Land. The foundation provides academic scholarships focusing on Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects and vocational opportunities to high school students. The foundation also grants University-level scholarships which provide full tuition for nursing degrees, as well as support and resources for health care services to children, the disabled, and the elderly.

The Knight’s Antiquity Historical Society (KAHS) is a nonprofit charity that supports significant archaeological excavations and biblical site preservation in the Holy Land. At selected archaeological sites in the Holy Land, Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians work together, each representing their people in a spirit of collaboration. 

Cayman is a proud donor to both of these organizations and their missions to connect and support individuals where it matters most.

Smoking Shields

Smoking Shields is a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to law enforcement and military families in times of need. The organization has grown to include active duty, retired and honorably discharged military, as well as associate members. Many federal, state, and local agencies are represented within the group.

Cayman has partnered with the Maryland and Florida chapters of Smoking Shields to help give back to those who have given themselves to servicing and protecting our life and freedom.

Jason Panulde’s Medical Emergency Fund

Beacon Farms is a nonprofit partner of the Cayman Cigar Company. Located in Grand Cayman’s North Side, the creation of Beacon Farms was to provide agriculture-based careers for Caymanians who have embraced sobriety. Many crops are from Beacon Farms, including jackfruit, sweetsop, soursop, mango, star apple, and coconuts. Beacon Farms is also growing experimental tobacco crops for Cayman Cigars.

Sadly, one of our farmers, Jason Panulde, suffered two paralyzing strokes recently and is currently hospitalized at Cayman Health City. His road to recovery is a long one, and Jason has exhausted his medical benefits. Cayman encourages you to donate directly to Jason’s fund by following this link.

Non-Profit Cigar Company: A Win-win

The Cayman Cigar Company’s focus is on the principle of giving back. Our partners mean the world to us, and that’s why our profits are donated to the organizations that resonate with us. If you would like to support these causes as well, we have great news: You can smoke a Cayman cigar knowing you’ve helped us give back! 

Every cigar bought results in a $5 donation to any of the above partners. If you would like to donate to one, in particular, find the checkout codes for each partner here.

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you. Contact Cayman Cigars here on our website.


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