Cayman begins exporting cigars to US -CAYMAN COMPASS

Thank you for sharing the news Cayman Compass! We are very excited to share our premium, hand-crafted cigars with our friends in the U.S. Learn more at “The Cayman Cigar Company is an extension of North Side’s Beacon of Hope Foundation, also known as Beacon Farms, a spin-off of the Bridge Foundation halfway house, […]

What is the best way to cut a cigar? Only you can answer that!

Distinctive aromas, a smooth draw and an even burn are all key components of an enjoyable cigar experience. Worrying about the best way to cut your cigar should not diminish your enjoyment. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to cut a cigar, and the best rule is this: The method you use should be […]


World’s First Non-Profit Cigar Company is now in the USA!  Granger Haugh, CEO of Cayman Cigar Company announced today that cigar aficionados in the United States are now able to order Cayman Cigars online for USPS delivery throughout the United States.  Cayman Cigar Company is the first cigar production company on Grand Cayman, and the […]

The DrawMaster: Cigar quality and enjoyment should not depend on the luck of the draw.

At Cayman Cigar Company, this critical device ensures the perfect cigar, every time. Crafting genuinely great cigars is an art form. A practice of careful leaf selection, skilled hands, and a seasoned eye for detail. A passion for creativity combined with decades of learned experience steeped in tradition and excellence. At Cayman Cigar Company, we […]

The Many Ways to Light a Cigar + The One Method To Avoid

From beginning to end, the experience of smoking a cigar is meant to be pleasurable and relaxing. At the finish of a long day, lighting up a cigar and taking in its smokey aromas is just what many of us need. Start the process on the right foot by lighting up using one of these […]

How Should I Store My Cigars? Let Me Count the Ways…

Many people are under the impression that smoking cigars are an expensive hobby to take up. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be, and it doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either. Buying cigars is up to you and your preference, but what about storing them? Keeping cigars fresh is essential if you want […]

Cayman Cigar Company Introduces Our Newest Premium Cigar: The Caravel

In homage to Grand Cayman’s seafaring history and Caribbean origins, our newest cigar “The Caravel” is named for the small but powerful class of ships used by early Caribbean explorers and settlers. The Caravel may be shorter in stature but, like the rest of our cigars, delivers full bodied richness and a hefty mouthfeel. About […]