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The Best Cigars: What Inspired Us When Creating Cayman Cigars

Best cigars

Find the best cigars for your dollar right here on our site! Charity and charitable giving have been well-documented throughout history. The concept of helping others is deeply ingrained within the human spirit. From donating to a favorite animal shelter to volunteering at a local food bank. People from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances understand that it is our nature to assist those less fortunate. Whether through money, time, moral support, emotional assistance, or a job opportunity, both the recipient and the benefactor benefit.

This spirit of giving back to our community and our world inspired the Cayman Cigar Company. Mainly to make some of the world’s best cigars and donate 100% of profits to charity. Cayman Cigar Company is the only premium cigar maker in the world to donate all profits to charity. 

In this article, we’ll cover what truly inspires us. Moreover, the best cigars that are a product of a never-ending pursuit of our mission.

The Cayman Islands

You may know the Cayman Islands for its world-class diving, and financial institutions. There are also 5-star resorts and restaurants, cerulean blue waters, and white coral sand beaches. Unfortunately, like many beautiful destinations, the underlying social challenges and marginalized populations that challenge the best of places are often unrecognized.

Cayman Cigar Company has a simple business model. To Make some of the world’s best cigars, sell them, and donate all net profits to charity. People often ask us “Why cigars?”. We replied, “Why not?”. Grand Cayman is just below Cuba. It is one of the best tobacco-producing countries in the world, so it stood to reason that tobacco would grow well in Cayman, but nobody ever really tried it.

Created in 2016 as a nonprofit farm in Grand Cayman’s North Side, Beacon Farms employs Caymanians in sustained addiction recovery, providing safe, secure supervised living and working environments for those Caymanians who have embraced sobriety and have the desire to learn agriculture and farming practices.

Beacon Farms planted its first experimental tobacco crop in 2019. Subsequent plantings have shown that tobacco grows incredibly well in Grand Cayman, and Beacon Farms will soon have the first ever tobaccos grown in Cayman for Cayman Cigar Company’s new portfolio of “Cayman Leaf” blends.

Cayman Cigar Company offers a wide range of cigars to match everyone’s taste, while true to the principles that drive our business. These are the results of tireless work towards the greatest cigars made through the greatest relationships we continuously build. Here are a few of our best-sellers:

The Sovereign No. 1 

The Sovereign No. 1 is a medium-bodied blend of fine Cuban seed Criollo Viso, Seco, and Ligero long-leaf tobaccos, wrapped in a dark Brazilian Bahia Sumatra wrapper. The No. 1 is a wonderful expression of dark cocoa powder with a hint of cardamom spice and black pepper.

The Diplomat 

The Diplomat is aptly named: strong, yet polished. A select blend of our most robust long-leaf Cuban seed fillers is bound in rich dark San Andres leaf and with envelop of a Brazilian Shade wrapper. The Diplomat delivers full-bodied richness and a complex flavor profile of dark walnut, molasses, toffee, and a hint of earthy minerality. A “Cuban-esqe” cigar, and a favorite among serious aficionados.

The Monarch 

The Monarch combines luxurious Cuban seed longleaf Ligero, Seco, and Viso leaves with a bold Arapiraca wrapper, making the Monarch a beautifully extravagant smoking experience. With hints of savory spice and a toasty, oaky mouthfeel, the Monarch delivers the perfect blend of structure and richness. It is big, but not overpowering. Bold, but not sticky. A sensational example of both structure and flavor.

And much, much more…

These are only some of Cayman Cigar Company’s high-quality, premium cigars. Cigars are available in Robustos and Coronas, and even at-a-box collections! Choose from options such as a box of 5, 20, or even a leather-bound travel case with 3 cigars and a built-in cigar cutter. Free shipping is available within the U.S.!

To find more of our artisanal best-sellers, check out our full cigar collections page.

Cayman Cigars Gives Back

Tobacco grows incredibly well in Grand Cayman, and Cayman Cigar Company will soon be blending our own Cayman-grown leaf into our cigars. We can’t think of a better way to help Caymanians help themselves than through agriculture and farming. 

By planting experimental crops like tobacco, staple crops like breadfruit and callaloo, peppers, and others, Cayman Cigar Company and its partner Beacon Farms are increasing the number of crops, enhancing the quality of life for marginalized Caymanians, and positively contributing to food security for the island.

Cayman Cigar Company strongly believes in using its unique cigars to contribute to the betterment of our island nation. While smoking a Cayman Cigar is a pleasure, greater satisfaction is gained by knowing that with every puff, a Cayman Cigar is helping others less fortunate in Cayman, and around the world.


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