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How To Pick A Good Cigar For Beginners: What to Look For and What to Avoid

how to pick a cigar

Cigar smoking is a centuries-old tradition that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a beginner, selecting the perfect cigar can be a daunting task. With so many different types of cigars, brands, and flavors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to […]

Your Go-To Guide On How To Cure Cigar Sickness

How to Cure Cigar Sickness

Cigar sickness is an affliction that sneaks up on cigar enthusiasts every day. It can catch even the most experienced cigar aficionado off guard. Cigar sickness can suddenly end the joy of cigar smoking if you aren’t prepared. So, what is cigar sickness? Can it be cured? This quick guide has the answers and shows […]

Your Essential Guide On How To Read Cigar Sizes

Types of Cigars_ A Size Guide

As a cigar smoker, there are many aspects that affect your smoking experience. Aside from the shape, shade, and origin of your preferred smoke, you’ll want to pay attention to its size.  The length and thickness of your cigar won’t change its overall flavor but it can influence how much flavor you get in a […]

Top 5 Best Restaurant Experiences in the Cayman Islands: Food Lover’s Edition

Top 5 Best Restaurant Experiences

Welcome to the stunning Cayman Islands. A Caribbean paradise known for its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and vibrant culture. But the island is not just a destination for sunbathing and swimming. Grand Cayman, (known to locals and seasoned visitors as simply, “Cayman”) is also a food lover’s dream. It boasts a diverse culinary […]

Beacon Cigar: The First Cigar to Use Tobacco Grown in the Cayman Islands


The Beacon is coming! The Cayman Cigar Company creation is the first premium cigar to feature whole-leaf tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands. Utilizing Cayman tobacco in each cigar furthers our mission to create the world’s best cigar-smoking experiences. This is while offering a distinctive Caymanian character found nowhere else. So, join us now as […]

The Best Cigars: What Inspired Us When Creating Cayman Cigars

Best cigars

Find the best cigars for your dollar right here on our site! Charity and charitable giving have been well-documented throughout history. The concept of helping others is deeply ingrained within the human spirit. From donating to a favorite animal shelter to volunteering at a local food bank. People from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances understand […]

How To Draw A Cigar – Get The Perfect Cigar Draw At First Light

The Perfect Draw_ The Perfect Draw_ How We Make Sure Every Cigar Draws Right at First Light

Have you ever lit a cigar and found yourself straining to pull the smoke through? Few things are more of a nuisance than lighting a cigar rolled so tight. It’s impossible to get a good draw. Or even worse, toss it out and buy a new one. Cayman Cigar Company was founded by cigar lovers, […]

How Bovedas Provide The Best Cigar Humidification For Your Cigars

How Bovedas Provide The Best Cigar Humidification For Your Cigars

When it comes to storing cigars, humidity control is of the utmost importance. There is nothing quite as disappointing as lighting your highly-anticipated cigar only to find it has become too dry, or too moist. There are plenty of humidity control products circulating the market, but many fail to dependably regulate humidity both ways. For […]

Cayman Cigars Giveaway

Want to win free cigars? Then enter our giveaway! First place will win our VIP Leather Cigar Case stocked with an assortment of our premium cigars. Second place will win our 5-Box Cayman Collection Assortment, which includes a Robusto size of our Sovereign No. 1, Sovereign No. 2, Sovereign No. 3, Diplomat, and Monarch cigars. a Rafflecopter […]

Meet The Cayman Cigar Company Team

meet the team blog

Cayman Cigar Company provides cigar lovers with the finest premium cigars in the world. With that, it takes a committed team with an undying, collaborative spirit to make it happen. So, meet the team that creates your favorite Cayman cigars. Learn how, with your help, we are fulfilling the Cayman Cigar Company’s mission to help […]


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